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Datacenter solutions should be elegantly simple and designed for software–driven agility. Nutanix continues to deliver on this promise with its latest NOS 3.5 software release, which includes an Elastic Deduplication Engine, Nutanix Prism management framework and over 75 additional enhancements that drive faster performance and deliver superior manageability.

Nutanix Elastic Deduplication Engine

Virtualization densities in enterprise datacenters continue to increase unabated. While higher VM densities may reduce the number of servers required, host-based memory and flash resources must now support an increasing amount of working set data for the growing number of VMs. Reduced capacity for each VM’s working set data negatively impacts application performance and degrades the end user experience.

To date, most enterprises have addressed this performance challenge by adding server-attached flash. A hardware-only approach may yield incremental benefits, but it is insufficient to keep pace with overall VM growth and constant performance demands. What is required is an intelligent software architecture that understands data access patterns and can adaptively manage storage utilization real-time to optimize both performance as well as capacity.

With the new NOS 3.5 software release, Nutanix introduces the Elastic Deduplication Engine; a ground breaking and innovative addition to the Nutanix Distributed Filesystem that accelerates application performance for virtual datacenters. This is the industry’s first acceleration technology for converged solutions that logically spans memory and flash resources simultaneously. By applying this server side deduplication technology to each VM’s working set data, Nutanix maximizes performance with near instantaneous application response times and up to 10x improvement in effective capacity for hot working data. As a 100% software-driven solution, this technology is supported across all Nutanix Virtual Computing Platform models, eliminating the need to purchase new hardware simply to obtain additional capabilities.

Nutanix Prism Management Framework

Management of most enterprise IT solutions is not simple, and not at all intuitive. Typically, this is a byproduct of management consoles and user interfaces designed with very little regard as to how users interact with technology in the real world. A fresh approach to IT management is required.

Management tools should be simple and intuitive, yet powerful enough to support advanced feature sets. Navigation must be tailored to fit the real-world workflows of datacenter managers to maximize operational efficiency, and the overall user experience should match that of popular consumer products.

The new Nutanix Prism User Interface (UI) design and framework delivers a single-pane graphical interface that is truly user centered. All information is organized and presented to facilitate easy consumption of operational data. Elegant vantage points provide an at-a-glance view of server, storage, and network operations without the need to search though multiple screens. Intuitive and direct navigation from high-level summary views offer easy access to more detailed, ‘drill down’ information when needed.

Built from the ground up using HTML5, the Nutanix Prism UI provides the ability to define and manage a complete converged infrastructure from nearly any device. Additional enhancements include a simpler workflow for setting up native disaster recovery (DR) environments, comprehensive monitoring and built-in analytics for event correlation to simplify and streamline troubleshooting.

Also, Prism includes a programmatic REST-based API for seamless integration with third-party cloud management systems such as OpenStack, and support custom-built enterprise management tools.

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